Doctor Who: The Snowmen

I liked it a lot but it seems a bit like a mid-series episode rather than a Christmas episode…which is probably because it is. Ahem. I think a casual viewer wouldn’t have been able to make head or tail of that…

Luckily I’m not a casual viewer!

What I liked

-CLARA. She was really good. I loved her living out two seperate lives, doing different accents depending on who she was with…she had a lot of fairytale about her too. Her and Amy would’ve gotten along so well.

Plus, Jenna made it totally believable that Clara and Oswin were one of the same- clever and flirty and very much a Girl Who Can. I can’t wait to see modern-day Clara. There was one quick shot in the trailer of her hacking a laptop, so I think she’s going to be a computer genius again. Cool.

-Madame Vastra and Jenny being MARRIED. Did I see them again in the trailer? I think I did. Vastra got the best line in the episode, incidentally. “Good evening, I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife.”

-Sulking Doctor was no fun at all. I’m glad he’s back to his usual self.

-Strax was BRILLIANT (and his presence provided another reference to the Ponds, hooray) but I really want to know how exactly he came back from the dead.

-SO PRETTY. SO VERY VERY VERY PRETTY. The staircase to the clouds was a highlight.

-Pond reference at a pivotal moment! And although it was a reference to Amy mostly, I like to think it was a reference to Rory too, he was technically a Pond after all.

-New TARDIS is very very nice.

What I didn’t

-As I mentioned, sulking Doctor is no fun at all.

-I don’t think all the Sherlock Holmes stuff was really necessary. Or at all necessary. (Yes, Moffat! We know you wrote Sherlock! There’s been a load of Holmes references already! Drop it!)

-Defeating the monsters by crying! Then again, I’m not sure the snowmen made any sense at all really, although I’m trying not to think too hard about them.