Hobbit thoughts

  • I liked it a lot but DAMN it could have been a bit shorter. The poor woman next to me had to get up about three times. I think there was quite a lot that could have been cut really- like the dwarves singing about plates, I’d get rid of that. And I’d have ended it after the escape from Goblin Town and saved the fight with Azog for the next film.
  • That being said, that last fight was a spectacular scene.
  • Riddles In The Dark was done really well. Especially Bilbo sparing Gollum. That’s one of the moments the whole saga pivots around and here it was. Probably my favourite single moment in the film, actually.
  • No wait that’s a lie. It was the Misty Mountains song.
  • SYLVESTER MCCOY as Radagast he was bloody perfect.
  • Deux ex machingles! (I know, there are in-story reasons why the Eagles show up just in time to save everyone and then bugger off again, but…)
  • If I ever start a band, I want to call it ‘Azog and the Defilers”.

The various Middle-Earth films, to me, are like that old friend who you only see once so often, and then whenever they show up you have a really great time and maybe mildly take the piss out of each other and then they’re gone again for another couple of years. Next Hobbit film isn’t till 2014, right?