AGE: 16
Birthday: June 17, 1996
Vietnamese, Brown eyes, About 5 ft.
Her old Tumblr URL: 

She’s been missing for about a month now. Since early August.
She was last with the guy that’s in the pictures above. He claims that his name is Brian. 22 years old. And lives in Cypress, Cali. But the thing is, recently her family found out from running a background check on him, that he’s not who he says he is. So everything he’s told her is a lie.

We’re all really worried about her. The last time I saw her was at a get together my mom had, if not at Victoria (her best friend) birthday dinner. Julie’s a really sweet girl. She met this “Brian” guy online, over Tumblr. This very site I’m posting this on. So PLEASE, if anyone recognizes him or knows him or ANYTHING. Such as phone number, his Tumblr, FB, literally ANYTHING. PLEASE contact me in anyway. Or contact her best friend Victoria. (I will post our contact information below)

Please reblog this. As many times as you want. I want to help get the news out. All three of our families are really worried about her safety. We just want to find her and get her to come back home. It would mean a lot to us for any of you to help us. Thank you.

JULIE; If you see this, please don’t just ignore it. We really do want you to come back home.

Thien (me): or Tumblr

Victoria (her best friend): or her Tumblr