Trigger Warning for Ableism/Mentalism and Electro Shock Torture 

Caton, Massachusetts releases a shocking video captured at The Judge Rotenberg Center, a school for people with special needs, featuring Andre McCollins (featured above) undergoing electro-shock “therapy”. Andre’s is taped strapped face down to a table screaming savagely in pain as faculty members apply  31 individual jolts of electricity over the course of 7 hours.

The JRC insist that the electro shock “therapy” is applied as a part of a routine meant to pacify mentally ill and emotionally troubled students, and McCollins was just one of many who underwent this “treatment”.  His mother, Cheryl McCollins, told a jury this week that she never agreed to the procedure and that she had “no idea that they tortured children in the school.”

Security camera footage revealed that the boy’s prolonged torture was brought on when he refused to remove his jacket in class.


i dunno if i can watch but i am already making note of his race