Inspired by this, I got to making Word Clouds for Amy in seasons five and six.

As you can see, in Series Five Amy talks about/to the Doctor a LOT. Other favourite words: “know” “just” “Yeah” “OK” “like” and “Oh.” Some passive words, some not. “Rory” is quite far down the list. Also “Mum” is on there while “Dad” isn’t, which is odd because I would have said Amy spoke to her dad slightly more, in the limited screen time she had with her parents. And “remember” is quite big- she remembered the Doctor back to life, after all.

In Series Six “Rory” has pretty much caught up with “Doctor”. “Think” is bigger than it was before. “River” is bigger for obvious reasons. “Time” is bigger, “TARDIS” is bigger…Also, interestingly, “God” is bigger. So is “Amy”, her own name.

On the whole, I’d say Season Six Amy sounds…healthier? Less focused on the Doctor. But what do you make of it?

Coming up next: Rory. (Then Rose, Martha, Donna, then River, I reckon.)