Analysing The Ponds #3: Colours And Costumes- Matching The Ponds

I was gonna just do one post on colours and costumes, but the post got so long I split it into two. This one is about how the Ponds have matching outfits. Well, kind of…

Amy and Rory

Rory and Amy dress alike from the beginning. In their first episode, they’re both wearing uniforms.

In Vampires Of Venice, they’re both wearing red and blue. Aha! Red and blue. Remember all that stuff? Amy, always associated with red, has to chose between her red man and her blue man- the man whose name means Red like her hair, or the man in the Blue box? But the colours, even hers, are all confused now…she’s wearing both, and so is Rory, no-one can decide what they want to be. Fiancee? Husband? Brother?

In Amy’s Choice, Amy’s in red and blue again, but Rory’s all in blue- TARDIS blue, almost. A sign that if Amy really was living with him in this world, she would be using him to replace the Doctor and TARDIS rather than loving him for himself?

And, once the Doctor turns up, Amy puts on a coat the same colour as the Doctor’s.

At the end, Amy’s in red and blue again- no Doctor coat now- and Rory’s in red. Although they still currently want different things, their colours (like in Vampires Of Venice) complement each other, and they can see each other for what they are.

Amy and Rory are wearing complementing colours again in The Hungry Earth:

In Vincent And The Doctor, Amy is wearing blue, Doctor blue. But she’s still got a red scarf to bind her to the fiance she’s forgotten:

And underneath the blue, it’s all red. Rory is still with Amy, deep in her subconcious…

As Amy and Rory’s relationship becomes stronger, they start to wear each other’s clothes. This is nicely demonstrated by The Pandorica Opens, where Amy wears trousers and Rory wears a skirt:

Amy’s flowing red scarf is also reminisent of Rory’s flowing red cape…

All throughout Series Six, they’re dressed alike quite a lot- the same styles (plaid! lots of plaid!) and colours:

Even as teens- on the day they realised they liked each other, they were wearing colour-coordinating clothes:

At the end of Series Six, Amy is wearing Rory’s jacket under her blanket:

One could look at this and say it means that Amy has been completely consumed by Rory and being his wife. But I think it’s a way to keep Rory in the scene- he doesn’t show up til the end of that scene, after all- and a way of showing that Rory and Amy are so comfortable in their married life that they borrow each other’s clothes. (Or that Rory knew Amy was waiting in the garden and lent her his coat to keep her warm.)

Or- the last time Amy wore a blanket like that was at the Byzantium, the first time she met River, and where River has just come from.

And the last time either Pond wore that red jacket (yay! more red!) was during Let’s Kill Hitler, when River met River, so to speak. So a lot of the Ponds’ journey is summed up neatly in that one outfit of Amy’s. More on that scene in a sec!

Amy and Melody

Amy and River always had very similar red shoes (ha! Saw that before, weirdly enough!)

The episode after Amy discovers she’s River’s mother, she’s dressed up quite similar to her, all in denim:

And of course in The Wedding Of River Song, the pair are dressed almost alike, both in black (of course, both have good reason to mourn…)

And at the end of The Wedding Of River Song- a few years in River’s future- they’re wearing the same beige colour. Mother and daughter!

Edit 24/2/12: Ah! The trend’s being carried on into Series Seven! Matching stripes!