1) Still have no job

2) Tried to write Sherlock Holmes fanfiction, but it’s so rubbish I think I might give up.

untitled Sherlock Holmes fic, in which the plot is ripped off from The Dying Detective

It was early morning when the letter came. I of course was the one to recieve it, as my friend had for five days now been confined to his bed.

Five days excepting this one. I had scarcely started reading the morning newspaper when Holmes appeared from behind me and snatched the letter from the table.

“What are you doing up?” I asked. “You’re ill.”

He didn’t answer, but sat down at the table and begin to read the letter.

“Go back to bed, Holmes. It can hardly be that important.”

Again he didn’t speak, just smiled. Finally he placed the letter back and said, “You recall, Watson, the time we trapped Culverton Smith into a confession?”

“Indeed I do. If you mean to try that trick again I hope you intend to take me into your confidence this time.”

“Of course,” he said, although I detected a hint of something in his voice. “The letter is from a Mr Scott Alexander. It contains…something of interest.”

“Do you intend to inform me what this thing is?”

He seemed to consider this for some time. “In order to trap this latest villain, it is vital once again that I pretend to be ill. Dying, if possible.”

“I see.”

“As I have for five days been stricken with fevers, I cannot see this being too difficult a part to act.”

“And this Alexander has meant to murder you, I assume? And in pretending to be dying you trap him?”

“Yes, yes.”

“What aren’t you telling me?”

As usual he didn’t say.

3) Made surprisingly awesome Doctor Who wallpaper in Paintshop. Check it out!