Doctor Who: The End Of Time

That was so…sad. Terrific. But sad.

The last few minutes were so brilliant: Martha! Mickey! (more on that in a minute) Luke! Sarah Jane! Jack (…and Alonso!) Rose! Jackie! I wondered how they would work those last two in, but they did it cleverly, although I do wonder how Rose’s memory isn’t triggered even for a second when Nine regenerates.

Seeing Verity Newman almost made me cry.

Donna’s wedding day was sad because the present the Doctor gave her was basically a present from her dead father, and it’s made more poigant by the fact that the actor playing her father really did die. In fact, that whole sequence was basically a massive tribute to Doctor Who and the people who made it, living and dead.

Martha must have ditched Tom pretty quickly. So the honeymoon she was on during Children of Earth was actually her and Mickey’s? Wow. They are pretty perfect for each other though.

I thought it was nice how we leave Donna in sort of the same place we met her (getting married) except now she’s marrying a man who actually loves her.

Russel T Davies really fancies Russell Tovey, doesn’t he?

The regeneration was so sad. He didn’t want to go…

Er, is it me or was it not explained who the mysterious woman was? There was talk of her being the Doctor’s mother, so…er…was she?

And…okay…is Wilf his father? Obviously only a few people would know that, but they were very strongly hinting it.

Matt Smith was acting just like David Tennant, he practically is basically acting the Tenth Doctor, but I think he’ll be good.

You know, I reckon that in a way I like Doctor Who more for what it does than what it is. It’s a silly-but-wonderful fantasy show, but it’s done so much for so many people. It really is the best TV show this country’s ever made. Kids love it, adults love it, every actor wants to be on it, everyone knows what a TARDIS is, and it was nice to think how many people would be sitting in front of their screens going ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ and cheering. So thanks, all you folks who made it and all you folks who love it. I hope it lasts for a good long while. (I think it will.)