Angel, the series

So this summer I watched Angel. You all want to hear my thoughts, don’t you? :p

I love Series one-middle of three the best, I think. I loved the Pylea episodes (am I right that they’re not that liked?) and all the monster-of-the-week episodes. I prefer that to when TV shows do an ongoing story, I think.

Favourite characters are, in order of appearance: Cordelia, Wesley, Lorne and Fred, all but one of whom are dead by the end of the series. Cordelia was a great character up until series four and then she was written out in an infuriating way; Wesley is a great example of how TV shows should do character development, and Lorne is just awesome. I was really sad when I found out Andy Hallet, the actor who played him, died recently. (He was way too young, too. Thirty-three.)

Fred’s death I did not like. Possibly because the idea of having your soul eaten is pure unleaded Nightmare Fuel for me. (See also: Harry Potter’s Dementors.) I liked her and her death seemed almost pointlessly cruel in a way: having a happy character who’d already survived so much die in agony in front of her new boyfriend. I know that’s what Joss Whedon does best, but…it’s like if, halfway through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hermione had been Kissed by a Dementor and replaced by an admittedly cool new character and she wasn’t coming back ever. Sigh. Hated that, really, and I hope that the story that continues in the comics (which I haven’t actually read, but want to) eventually have Wesley and Fred meeting in the afterlife, because they were my favourite Angel couple. (Also Angel/Cordelia. They were awesome together.)

I hated Connor until season five when he got awesome.

Of all the secondary characters, I liked Kate, and was a bit disappointed when she stopped being in it.

It’s a real pity the show got canceled. This happens a lot with Joss Whedon shows and I’m not sure why…