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I’m not entirely sure how you’re meant to go about these things, but I’ve heard about the Australian bushfires, it’s horrible, and I thought I’d try and do something to help.

I can’t donate any money over the Internet due to not having a credit card. I’m going to investigate donating some other way but I thought in the meantime I could do this.

Who wants some icons? I’ll make any icons for you…just name the fandom. Or provide a picture if you like, and I’ll make an icon from it. In return, give a bit of money to the Red Cross? Or any similar charity, really. (Just tell me which one.)

You can have up to five icons per donation. Might take me a day or two to make them. :)

(If you want to see samples of my iconmaking, just so you know the sort of things I make, try Starlit Blue.) :)