Doctor Who: Silence In The Library

Not quite the scariest episode ever (that’s still Blink) but still really really really scary.

That left so many questions. I want to know who River is. Maybe she’s another person who’ll show up in the finale? Probably not. But the more the merrier. She seems quite important to the series plot, anyway.

Donna is obviously not dead, since we’ve seen her in the trailers. River’s comment that she wasn’t around when she herself met the Doctor has me suspicious, though. I really do think she’ll die, or get herself trapped Rose-style in a parallel world. Who knows. I don’t want her to die, though. That would suck.

‘Ghosting’ is the scariest and most terrible concept ever. Good grief. If I had been Donna in that scene I’d probably have demanded to be taken home straight away. It was, however, a really great scene for Catherine Tate.