Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Daughter

That was quite good, I thought. Not brilliant but good.

It actually rather surprised me that Jenny survived in the end. I hope she’s back for the finale, and she doesn’t just get forgotten about. You never know with this show.

May I rant for a second? I cannot fathom why after every episode, over at OG or The Doctor Who Forum or whatever we’re calling it now, there’s always a thread in which Freema Agyeman is called a bad actress. It never happens with any of the other actors, as far as I can tell, just her. I can’t work out why, because at the very least she’s good and I think she’s great. Furthermore, she gets great lines and is showing a distinct badass streak.

I also loved Donna in this episode. And Ten and his Time Lord angst. Poor Ten. That makes two people he cared about who’ve died in his arms in eight episodes, even if one of them took over the Earth.

I can’t wait for the finale to this season. I suspect it’s going to be Big.