Doctor Who: Partners In Crime

First off (since I figure this is what everyone’s gonna be on about first) I actually kind of like that Rose is back early. I dunno, I think I sort of have the potential to like her, if only the production team would quit going on about how great she is and ignoring how awfully she treated Mickey and how randomly bitchy she could be. I like her as a sort of Archtypical-Hero-type (much like the Doctor), the one who everyone half wants to be but knows that being like that would in truth just destroy you. Which is pretty much how she was written in Turn of the Earth. Anyway…

I like Donna. She’s not my favourite but I like her. And I like her grandfather, he was great. Disappointed that no-one made reference to the fact that her dad obviously isn’t around anymore (since Howard Attfield died).

I also liked Penny (her name is a reference to the companion they would have written in if they couldn’t get Catherine Tate, isn’t it?) and thought she was good Companion material…until they went and ruined it at the end with her limping off tied to a chair. (Very funny, ha ha.) I have to say I hate that they’re always doing that- knocking down one person to make the companion seem more special. With Rose it was Mickey and Jackie, with Martha it was her friend Julia, and now with Donna it’s Penny. It just strikes me as really awkward, because it’s like RTD saying “Come on! Be a companion! You don’t want to be one of those ordinary folk who perfectly understandably crack in a stressful situation, just like most human beings would, do you?” Either ordinary is special or ordinary is bad, Russell! You can’t have it both ways! Or maybe I’m just one of those ‘everyone is special!’ freaks, I dunno.

God, I wish I was more eloquent. That’s a part of Doctor Who that really bugs me.

Anyway! That’s about it. I loved the bit with the Doctor talking to himself in his TARDIS and I loved loved loved that he not only admitted treating Martha badly, but said she was brilliant and that she’d changed him. Yay!

And that’s it. See ya next week. :p