A present for the Spidey fans on my f-list

It was discovered recently that Sony wouldn’t be releasing the Spidey 3 score. I was not happy.

So, with leaked tracks from the movie, here’s a fanmade one instead. Complete with covers and labels. :p

(and the disk label)

With thanks to several great people on this thread at SHH, especially kward711. :) A couple of the songs have been crudely edited (by combining two or more tracks) by me in Windows Movie Maker. If you can’t tell which ones, I did it right. :p

1. Main Titles
2. <A HREF=”http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EUY2KQEN
3. Broadway
4. Falling In Love
5. Tell Me You Love Me
6. Engagement Ring
7. The Goblin
8. Harry Attacks Peter
9. Birth of Sandman
10. Saving Gwen
11. Peter Leaves A Message
12. Black-Suited Spidey
13. Lonely MJ
14. The Kiss And The Mirror
15. Revenge Is Like A Poison
16. Humbled And Humiliated
17. Peter and MJ
18. The Right Decision
19. I Need Your Help
20. Venom
21. Sacrifice
22. Death Of A Friend
23. Through With Love
24. Just Dance
25. In The End
26. Lonely MJ (Alternate)
27. Death Of A Friend (Alternate)
28. In The End (Alternate)

There’s about 45 minutes of music overall. Enjoy, guys. :D

Click to download zip file