Stuff, mostly concerned with DW

Newslinkiness: Alan Johnston freed. The lunchtime news reporter began today with ‘There was widespread delight all across the nation…’ and that made me grin a lot, because I think I’ve rarely if ever heard a news reporter say that.

The other piece of unexpected but well-recieved news I got today: Catherine Tate is the Doctor’s new companion. I’m pleased (not as pleased as I’d have been if it was a historical companion, but still- maybe that job will go to Kylie Minogue), because I actually quite liked her. And I’d love to see how she reacts to Martha (initial jealousy/bitchiness and then lifelong friendship, I imagine).

Butttttt…dear god, the reaction to her casting has not particularly shown the good side of fandom, I fear. There’s a load of just sheer venom that I don’t get…I can understand not liking her show, or thinking she’s overrated, but she seems (from what I gather, having seen her interview on Jonathan Ross a while back) like a perfectly nice, reasonable, quite ordinary person. And I really hope she never visits the OG. Sigh.

So yes, anyway. And even when you take into account what RTD said about Donna first time around -‘She couldn’t have stayed for long, Donna- she’d get on your nerves. You’d have to radically change the character.’ -the character’s had a whole host of in-story reasons to change…what she went through in TRB is just the start of it, there’s also the whole Saxon thing- although the end of the world didn’t actually happen, everyone is still aware they were manipulated (er, I think.) Yes.

So concludes my thoughts on yaoi casting.

Other Doctor Who stuff wot I have done recently: a Martha mood theme over at lifeonmartha, and some more scans (mostly of the Master) at dw_scans. :)