Doctor Who: The Sound Of Drums


Regarding Rose and Lucy-
Okay, so about three days ago I was suddenly struck by a thought and went to post it. Said thought was ‘Since the Master is essentially Ten taken to extremes, what if Lucy Saxon is Rose taken to extremes?’ Then I thought it was silly and didn’t post it. Now I wish I had, because I was right on the money. Damn. Lucy is utterly and thoroughly the dark side of Rose…she says ‘I’ve made my choice,’ just as Rose did in Doomsday, and Harold Saxon calls her ‘my loyal companion’. Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn.

Regarding Martha-
My GOD she is my favourite character. Loved her screaming at the Doctor and blaming him (whether she had a right to or not, I figure most people probably would in that situation), loved her crazy driving and her fear for her family. Also worth mentioning: the Doctor’s last line in Bad Wolf: ‘I’m coming to save you.’, Martha’s last line in this, ‘I’M COMING BACK.’

Freema Agyeman for 11th Doctor! Ahem.

One other thing, though, where’s Leo? He wasn’t with the other three Joneses at the end, so I wonder…Reggie Yates is sort of a bigger ‘name’ than the other three, so it’s possible they’re saving him for something. Maybe in the finale. We’ll see, I guess…

‘Are you asking me on a date?
Nuff said.

Regarding God-
I don’t know exactly what RTD was saying about American politics in this episode, but he was definately saying something, and I’ll be surprised if it’s good. But what really struck me was the ‘if God wills it…’ line said by the President. Especially since, if I remember rightly, the Doctor had been referred to as a God earlier in the episode…

The Toclafane
This is reaching, this is really reaching, but what if they’re the Family Of Blood? ‘Cos one of them sounds like that Daughter Of Mine girl…I wonder.

In the end
Ooh! Ooh! I know nothing about music, but I have a music-related observation…at the end, with everything going to hell around Martha…the theme that plays sounds just like a sort of reverse of the Doomsday theme. Which I love. Even I’m wrong, I love. :p

Also, that last shot, of Martha in the field surrounded by destruction…LOVE. Must iconize.

And finally
The end of the world set to Voodoo Child? Oh Russell, you sodding infuriating genius.