Spider-Man 3

I think I have figured out the secret to these movies, y’know. It’s that all the characters and relationships in them would still work even without the superhero stuff.

…I have no idea where to start reviewing, actually, but I do want to say this is a brilliant movie, nuff said. I think I’m going to have to resort to bullet points again. Darn.

-Like in the last movie, my favourite scenes are the little ‘everyday life’ ones. Among my favourite scenes, then, were the basketball game in the Osborn manor, the first scene at the Bugle (‘it’s hip! it’s now! it’s wow! and how!’) and the Harry/MJ scene where they hang out and cook things. Yes.

-Stan Lee’s cameo just came out of nowhere, and it cracked me up, for some reason.

-Ursula is in the film! I know it seems bizarre for a character who has about five minutes of screentime in two movies to be one of my favourite characters, but she’s so darn sweet. And I also loved that while she obviously has a crush on Peter, she doesn’t seem in the least bit jealous of MJ and is actually pleased when she calls. I think she was more of a friend to him in this one, actually.

-The Peter vs Harry bitchfight (you know, the second one) is by a mile my favourite fight scene in the film. Handbags at dawn. :p

-Most random scene ever: Harry’s butler, of all people, being the only one (apart from Peter) who knows the truth about Norman’s death. But! I always thought that surely, in the movies, wouldn’t it have been really obvious that Norman and the Goblin were the same person? I mean, after Norman dies in mysterious Spider-Man-related circumstances, the Goblin is never heard from again…surely someone would have figured it out. Also, Bernard just walks straight into the Goblin lair without giving it a second glance, indicating that he’s seen it before. So yeah. It’s a bit of a stretch that he’d know, but not totally implausible, and good fanfiction fodder.

-The Sandman effects were awesome. Not much else to say there, really.

-Random thought: after the ‘revenge makes you ugly’ conversation, Harry (who’s been seeking vengence through two films) ends up getting scarred for life (er, the week or so that’s left of it) by vengeful-Peter.

-The Battle Royale is awesome, but sort of only in a generic-superhero-movie way, until the point where Harry gets killed. I have a feeling that in any ‘ordinary’ superhero flick, Peter and Harry would have gleefully smacked down both villains together, and it would have ended with the Peter/MJ wedding, but instead Harry dies, Peter tries unsuccessfully to save one of the villains, and forgives another. Iiiiinteresting.

-How exactly does Peter explain Harry’s death? If he attempts to cover it up with some story or other, surely someone will start to question why so many people close to Peter die in mysterious circumstances. If he wants to tell everybody that Harry sacrificed himself for Spider-Man, then that would mean revealing Harry’s secret identity, and most likely Norman’s as well. Which I imagine would not go down too well with the press.

-Fic plot bunny, zomg don’t steal: Harry survives, and he, Peter, MJ, Gwen and Ursula (with occasional support from Aunt May, Mr Ditkovich, and Bernard the butler) form a league of superheroes. Peter has his spider-powers, Harry has his hoverboard, and the others can grab guns or fall into radioactive waste or some such thing. Peter and MJ make up, Harry gets together with Ursula, and it is just like FRIENDS but with superheroes. Indeed. Yes.

-Fandom-wise…oh, I so hope that there actually is a fandom! You know, the analysis-and-fanfic kind, instead of the kind on the message boards, where people normally just argue. I really want someone smarter than me to write an essay on the Christian imagery throughout the movies, and I really want fic.

In conclusion: awesome. Possibly I shall do a more coherent review later. Right now, I’m off to commit fanfiction…