Partly nicked from willow_diamond and partly a repost of an old meme…this would be the Guess The Favourite Character one. Hey look, it’s the summer, and EVERYONE I KNOW IS BLOODY ON HOLIDAY. *pouts*

Anyway. Here are fifteen fandoms; guess my favourite character from each. Correct guesses are rewarded with cookies, yo.

The Easy Ones
1) Star Wars
2) Doctor Who -Mickey [guessed by aelie_baby]
3) Spider-Man -Peter [guessed by lallyloo] (He’s only just my favourite character, though. I love them all to pieces.)

The Not So Easy Ones
4) Harry Potter – Sirius Black [guessed by lallyloo]
5) Lord Of The Rings
6) Holes
7) War Of The Worlds (2005 version)
8) Pirates Of The Caribbean
9) Thunderbirds (movieverse)
10) X-Men (movieverse)
11) Life On Mars
12) Firefly
13) Pokemon
14) Digimon
15) Spyro The Dragon