Spider-Man 3 trailer screencap recap thingy

Warning: the following is image heavy and quite obviously contains spoilers. ;)

Screencaps from stripedwall.com. :)

This is Harry. He is hot and now somewhat evil. He looks like he’s in a theatre or something. My guess is that he’s looking down at Peter with either MJ or Gwen. Or possibly just Peter.

I’m guessing this is Topher Grace as Eddie Brock:

MJ does not look happy:

Peter in bed:

Is that his old bedroom, in his old apartment? I hope so…that means we might see Ursula again…

This would be Sandman, then:


(This would be before all the Bad Stuff happens, I reckon)

Eeeee! Harry as the Goblin! Although interestingly, he’s not wearing the mask:

This would be Peter with Gwen:

(I wonder if she’ll make it to the end of the movie?)

They look like they’re at the same place Harry was at back in the first screencap. And Peter doesn’t look happy to be dancing with her. And he’s done something funny to his hair.

Harry looks at a levitating pumpkin bomb:

Bomb goes off. Hopefully it will not destroy his face.

Is that a wedding ring about to plummet out of sight?

Harry and MJ. I wonder if some bizzare love-square thing will happen- Peter with MJ but also seeing Gwen and MJ with Peter but also seeing Harry. Ooh, angst.

I love this shot already:

And…that’s it, aside from a minor plea to the Gods of Fanfiction that nothing of Everyone Has A Choice is Jossed. (And I know that bloody fanfic isn’t even finished. Will work on it soon, I swear.)