Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet


-All the Devil stuff was very scary and if I was 10 I would have shoved the sofa away and hidden behind it. It’s a bloke with red eyes! And symbols all over him! Speaking in a deep scary voice! Ack. (Parents are so going to be writing into the BBC about this one, aren’t they? Heh.) BTW, anyone else reckon it was no coincedence this episode was so near the date 6/6/06?* Mwa.

-Those two women..Scooti and the other one? I was convinced they were actually mother and daughter, because they looked so alike. But that was never said in the actual episode, and now one of them is dead. :(

-Have become convinced that giggling and trying to make jokes is Rose’s way of dealing with stressful situations. (And to be honest, I’m not surprised she wasn’t more afraid…the TARDIS has been out of action once this series already.)

-We saw a hologram of the Devil, didn’t we? WIBBLE.

-Loved all the crew members. Hope there will be fic about them.

-Still no mention of Mickey, woe. Or Jack, come to that.

(Have I just done a Doctor Who entry without mentioning the Doctor? Well. David Tennant was good and I liked him. So there. ;) )

*6/6/06 is also my parent’s wedding anniversary. MWAHAHA.