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Was at a party a few hours ago; got talking about Doctor Who. People liked it, yay.

One very random thing: Y’see this picture-


-a screencap (from here) of last night’s DW episode? That’s Mickey in the cybercafe, and there’s a random girl next to him, and random girl looks like Trisha from Turn of the Earth- brown curly hair and everything. Duuuuude.

(I really will stop randomly bringing this stuff up eventually, I swear. It can’t be normal to keep going on about a fic series months after it finished.)

EDIT: I say this now, of course, but it goes up on ff.net soon, soon as I get off my arse.

EDIT MANY HOURS LATER: People are saying it’s Sarah in the picture, and it probably is, but that doesn’t fit with the rest of episode. Although it would make hugely interesting fanfic. *ponders writing Mickey/Sarah Jane -Mr and Mrs Smith. Heh.*