Rose and Mickey’s Future (spoiler warning!)

What with all the speculation about Rose’s future recently, I thought I’d do a post about it. Then I saw some spoiler-ish speculation concerning my favourite character, so here’s two posts in one instead.

One more warning: semi-big spoilers!

This was found on Outpost Gallifrey. Don’t laugh. Sometimes, they are right:

I’ve been wondering whether or not to post this, but having read the posts in this thread it seems an appropriate place. Now this may well be a load of crud, I do not in anyway guarantee its authenticity – all I would say is that the place this little snippit came from is in the same direction as that from where I gleaned in the second week of January that Season 2 would start transmission on 15th April.

So bearing all that in mind, and taking it with as large a pinch of salt as you want, the big finale to the season is the death of Mickey.

*Vader-like NOOOOO*

Well. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not, really. I figure that by the end of S2, Mickey will have gone one of seven ways-

(And remember that apparently, after episode 6 he’s not a companion anymore, and episode 6 takes place on an alternative Earth.)

1) He stays on the alternative Earth
a) against his will
b) voluntarily (with an alternate Rose, or even an alternate Jackie?)

2) He dies in episode 6
a) and never comes back
b) and comes back, Jack-style…or something. Comes back, either way

3) He doesn’t die in episode 6, but instead is dragged off by the Cybermen/other villains/whatever- Rose and the Doctor only think he’s dead

4) He’s turned into a Cyberman (which is almost as bad as death)

5) After episode 6 he simply goes home, having travelled enough for now

6) He survives past episode 6, but dies in the finale

7) He survives, period

Apparently, RTD said that in episode 6, Mickey’s story gets completed. I had a look through abby_i‘s scans of Radio Times, but the closest thing I found to that quote was ‘By the time you see the completion of his story in series two he’s absolutely fundamentally changed.’ Unless I just missed it.

*crosses fingers*

Oh, and RTD’s bit about the finale- it mentions the Doctor and Rose and Jackie, but no Mickey. Meep.

And here’s a little bit about Jackie I really liked: ‘The story throughout the series is about a woman who waits at home while her daughter goes off to war. It’s a terrible situation to be in.’ Bring on Heroic!Jackie, RTD. XD

Onto Rose…she could also go any number of ways, in the end:

1) At the end of the series (series three, most likely), she stays on Alternative Earth with her father, mother (real or alternative), and Mickey (ditto)

2) She dies

3) She gets Cybernized

4) She leaves the TARDIS of her own free will and goes home
a) because she knows she’ll never be equal to the Doctor/she wants a normal life again
b) She’s fallen in love with Mickey again
c) She’s fallen in love with someone else
d) Her mother or Mickey have gotten killed as a result of her travelling and she can’t deal

5) She ‘evolves’ somehow (into a Timelord/she gets regenerated/something of the sort)

There’s one reason why I can’t see her doing anything other than going home, and that’s a simple reason: Jackie. Can you imagine how she’d feel if she knew Rose was dead or never coming home? She’d never see her again? It’d make her story a tragedy, and no-one wants to see that, surely?

(slightly huge spoiler, now)

Apparently the last two episodes of S2 are a Cyberman war in the real world. One thing I think could work is the war destroying London, and Rose staying to rebuild. It would work especially if the war was Rose’s fault somehow…and interestingly enough, RTD said in Radio Times that this year, Rose and the Doctor would start getting overconfident in their travels. Eh, it probably won’t happen like that, but heck, it’s one I haven’t seen yet. ;)

More wild speculation: she has to choose between either staying in space and time forever- no going home- or going home and never seeing the Doctor again. I dunno how that would work, but ooh, the drama.

Or heck, maybe she’ll join forces with Sarah Jane Smith. Which I would certainly pay to see…

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got to say. Unless I add more later.