I can’t decide whether I want to stay in and write and do coursework today, or go and see V for Vendetta. Probably I won’t be able to get anyone to go with me at such short notice, but…I want to seeeeee it. It looks good.

On the other hand, I’m anxiously awaiting answers to my party invitations. Yesterday I sent invites via email to a bunch of people, some of whom I only know a little bit, and no-one’s answered and I’m worried they got them, and looked at them and thought ‘Well, what the hell’s she inviting me for? I don’t even know her…and HOW DID SHE GET MY EMAIL ADDRESS? O.o’


I just remembered I actually have a ton of coursework to do. Guess that’s that, then.

Oh, and I got disc two of Firefly yesterday…I really like this series, everybody. Every episode I see I think is the best, and then I watch the next one and think ‘no, that one’s the best.’ I’m up to Safe, and I’m in love with Simon. I want to make a Simon icon.

Speaking of icons, there’ll be some X-men icons along later. Assuming I stay in, of course.