Turn of the Earth, once more

I swear, I’ll stop going on about it eventually.

The other day, I put all the TotE stuff on a webpage. The stories, the cover, and a bit of other stuff, like my fanart. And I figured the fanart might as well go on my LJ, so here it is. All photomanipulations with pictures from gettyimages. :)

Trisha on the balcony in The One I Love.

Shireen finding the TARDIS, and using her mobile to inform Trisha, in The World Is In Your Hands

‘For the past year, Trisha Delaney had noticed the signs.’ This one’s the worst-looking, but at least she looks like she could be called ‘fat’ in this one. (If anyone has ideas on how to improve it, I’ll listen.)

And…that’s it. Except for one question…is there anyone who’d like to see more stuff with the TotE crowd? I had a vague idea about a The Christmas Invasion fic featuring Trisha, her father, and Shireen, but I haven’t started it yet. Just wonderin’. :)