The other day I got a free trial for a DVD rental website, so I used it to (finally) get ahold of Serenity.

I’m not sure what I think of it. I liked it, and all the creepy stuff with the Reavers was very effective, but…I don’t think it’s as much my thing as I was hoping it would be. Too cynical, or something? I’m not really sure.

I would also like to say that I was convinced, based on minor spoilers and quotes from the movie that I’d accidently stumbled on, that it would be Mal who died towards the end and not…who it turned out to be. That was a bit of a shock. (I spent the rest of the movie hoping he’d turn out to somehow not be dead…no luck there.)

All the characters I quite liked, especially Kaylee, but I have a feeling I’d probably like them more once I’ve seen the Firefly series. Which is going to come from the rental place as soon as I send Serenity back, so no chance to watch everything in order. Still.

The only bit I didn’t like was when they’re disguising the ship, and people are protesting, and Mal says something along the lines of they argue and they get a gun pointed at them. (Did he actually say that, or am I remembering it wrong?) That seemed a tad cruel, threatening your own friends, even for someone who acts like he does. Firefly fans, want to explain that? :D

All in all, I liked it- just not as much as I like things like Star Wars and Doctor Who. (And I feel a bit guilty about technically seeing it without having to pay for it, since I know that the DVD sales would probably count towards the chances of a sequel)