I think I talk about my fanfic too much

First off…y’know the ending of Turn Of The Earth? With the graffiti? (Trying not give anything away here) Well, take a look at this– see whose name that is on the wall? Squee! I was right!-in a very vague sense. ;)

Secondly, a cover!


Inspired, of course, by taraljc‘s beautiful covers. :D

That’s Trisha on the left. Actually, I think she’s too pretty to be Trisha, but the hair and expression are right, so there she is. :)

And, because I didn’t want to/am too broke to pay for the font, I made the writing by…cutting out individual letters from the novel covers and pasting them. *groans* My fellow cheapskates…never do this. It gives you a headache. ;) Especially since I made the E by putting together bits of F.

But hey…it came out better than I expected. XD