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Last night I dreamed that the movie Serenity, for whatever reason, was playing on British TV. And I kept trying to tape and watch it, but I wasn’t able to because I had to keep going to school and the shops and things.

The DVD doesn’t come out here until February 27th. February bloody 27th! I missed it when it was in the cinema because it wasn’t there for very long, and now I have to wait almost a month to see it. *pouts*

Annnnd it’s a movie based on a show I’ve never seen, and I still want to see it purely because of what everyone on LiveJournal says about it. You all are INSIDE MY BRAIN.

In other news, today in English we were shown that ‘Romantics’ program (the episode with William Blake) and…David Tennant popped up in the introduction. Dude! How’d I miss that? That man is everywhere on TV at the moment. Not that’s I’m complaining.

*goes off to make Doctor Ten(nant) icon*