Combined meme/post

This is one part that ‘take the first sentence from the first post of each month’ meme and one part me detailing what I did each month.

It is hard to see this movie and not want to icon it.
My first post of 2005 was an icon post for A Series Of Unfortunate Events. That’s…odd. You’d have thought I’d have waited.

Also movie-related, saw Phantom of the Opera on the last day of the holidays and bought my uber-cool Harry Potter mobile-post-thingy.

Also, because I’m sure every month will have something SW in it: that entire-cast picture came out.

Today I had to carry home a very large, very heavy pot I made in Ceramics, and now oowwwwwww my arm hurts.
Ooh. I still have that pot.

In February I went to Austria skiing. Looking back on it, I’m not sure I liked it very much. Still…

Comment and credit
Er, that would have been for a Hitchhiker’s Guide icon post. That was just before the internet-only trailer came out…

Also this month: favourite fandom moments, the mega Spider-Man icon post, Comic Relief and the ROTS trailer.

And, of course, Doctor Who started!

It’s my birthday.
‘Cos it was.

End of the World aired right after my birthday, and made me a huge DW fan. And I started sm_movieverse, and also made many Doctor Who icons.
And started writing Turn of the Earth, although I didn’t know it was going to be a series then.

I love fandom.

Had a fantastic time. And my country had an election. And of course…there was this. I don’t care who thinks it’s a terrible movie, it wasn’t, and it was a wonderful day.

Hands down the best month of the year, this one. :D

Good grief- away for a day and my friendlist goes back to page 255…
I believe I was at my cousin’s house for that day. But I can’t remember…

Anyway- saw Revenge of the Sith again, discovered Bad Wolf, played Lego Star Wars, WENT TO SEE GREEN DAY!, quit karate because I was sick of it, and Doctor Who ended. :(

No-one’s reading Everyone Has A Choice- it’s a pity, because out of all my fics, that’s one of the ones I’m proudest of (despite the fact it’s not finished yet).
Holy cow, that’s still not even finished yet!

Also saw Live8 (and the general hype surrounding it), saw War Of The Worlds (which is still my second favourite movie of the year) went to a party, discovered the UK was getting Lost, London got the Olympics, and then…well, you know what happened the day after. :(

Oh, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out!

Here is a book my mum wrote.

I went to Cleethorpes. It was a good holiday. :) And then Lost started over here.

Then I finally finished Making. It only took me a year or two…

And then I got my exam results.

Okay, so there’s been many mysteries so far.
Me talking about Lost. Actually, to be exact, I was wondering why no-one on the show ever went to the toilet.

Soooo…we had Hurricane Katrina. It wasn’t really a brilliant month: the song in my head the most often was Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends.

I’ve always wanted to icon this movie…most underrated Disney ever, methinks.
Yet another icon post- this time it was for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

And speaking of Notre Dame, I ended up going there. And to Disneyland Paris, too. (I never did post those photos…). It was pretty cool.

Went to Collectormania 8, as well, and later gave a new layout, and got the ROTS DVD. :D

And then I missed seeing Serenity, but got a job. XD

SW Fandom Friending Frenzy.
I know it was only a month ago, but I want another one of those.

Started the job I got back in October, read Watchmen, saw Shakespeare Re-Told, and saw the Doctor Who Children In Need special- but other than that, it was a crap month.

X-Men 3 trailer.
Looks like a brilliant movie to me…

Finished Turn of the Earth. I’m really quite proud of that series, y’know. :D

And got really into Lost for the first time, despite watching it every week since August. :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!