LOST post of doom

Well, we’ve got as far as Do No Harm over here…(for poor T4-less me, anyway). Can I just say that, for now at least, I LOVE THIS SHOW.

I’m not all that good at avoiding spoilers, so I knew all along that Boone was gonna die. I didn’t know about Claire’s baby being born in this episode, though, so there’s one thing. XD Oddly enough, Boone was actually my least favourite character up til this point, because he always seemed so creepy. Like a mini-Locke, except not so wise.


Anyway, I quite like him now. He gains bonus points for being brave in the face of agonising wince-worthy death (I spent most of the episode with my hands over my eyes going ARGH BLOOD AND BONE CRUNCHING ARGH NO) and for letting Jack off the hook. (Poor Jack, by the way. I like him. No-one else seems to. Bah.)

And poor Shannon, too. :(

Anyone out there a good fic reccer? Because I *so* want to know exactly what Jack said to Shannon and Sayid during that silent scene at the end. Anyone written about it? XD Someone must have.

By the way, has anyone noticed how fathers and sons (or maybe just fathers) seems to be a major theme in this series? So far we’ve had Michael/Walt, Jack/his dad (those are the major ones), and Jin/his father, Sawyer/his father (well, kinda), Locke/his father and Locke/Boone. And Kate mentioned her father, once. Hmmm. Jack’s dad isn’t that good a father, Locke’s father is an evil bastard, Michael is…getting better at parenting, and Locke is kinda a father figure to everyone on the island, now I think about it. And he’s…well, not quite a murderer, but he’s on the edge of the ‘good side’ a bit now. He’s definately the most interesting character, though. (P.S. I loved loved loved that creepy dream sequence in episode 19. If that’s what it’s like inside Locke’s head, then whoa).

Er, I’m not getting very far with this. I just think it’s interesting, is all.

And one last thing: the first ad for LOST over here showed all the characters and went like ‘One of us is a…’ and then listed hero, fraud, murderer, junkie, cop, saint, sinner and martyr. (see lost_uk‘s default icon). I wondered about that- I eventually came up with hero=Jack, junkie=Charlie (obviously), fraud=Sawyer, sinner=Kate…and the rest could be anybody. I mean, cop? Er…the now-dead marshall is the only one I can think of, but I’m not sure he counts. Unless I’m forgetting something obvious. ‘Saint’ I have no clue about.

So yeah. Consider me a fan.

PS: if you comment- no spoilers, please, we’re British. (I really must make that into an icon.)