Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

There weren’t any answers to anything! We still don’t know what the Veil is, or what answers the two-way mirror holds, or anything else about the Prank…it’s driving me nuts. Instead, we’ve just got more questions. (I, like everyone else, reckon that R.A.B is Regulus Black, but…I dunno…we might all be thoroughly wrong. I guess we have been before. ;) )

-H/G: was expecting that, really.
-R/H: Okay, so it’s not canon canon like H/G is…but I did like ‘I love you, Hermione’ :) (Can’t honestly say I liked a lot of the rest, though)
-B/F: Oh, I love. I hope we get the wedding at the beginning of Book 7.
-R/T: Dude! I wasn’t expecting that, but I like it so very much. They deserve each other, you know? (Not in a bad way). I hope we see more in the next book. Congrats, fernwithy and co. :D

-Ginny…she’s pretty and popular, and all the boys fancy her and now Harry loves her. I hope that whatever fatal flaw she has, we get to see it at some point.
-Marietta apparently still has SNEAK on her face. I remember people saying they’d start to get angry with Hermione if that turned out to be the case…and I was probably one of them…
-Still hardly any Peter. (Actually, almost less than in OOTP)
-And hardly any Luna, either
-My prediction didn’t come true. :p

The Rest
-I’m very impressed with Draco not killing Dumbledore-possibly he’s no longer my least favourite character. :)
-I’m not as annoyed/upset about Dumbledore’s death as I was about Sirius’s, mostly because I saw this one coming.
-Voldemort’s mother! We have a name for her and everything! And Voldemort’s uncle, a Parselmouth (he was a great character, by the way)
-Narcissa has a nickname in canon! (Actually, she was very close to fanon!Narcissa)
-Oh…I love the utter irony of the Vanishing Cabinet being the thing Draco was fixing. And it was Fred and George who pushed Montague in there…that’s disturbing for two reasons: one, if not for that then Draco might not have realised the cabinet could be used, and two- Draco said Montague nearly died, so Fred and George nearly killed someone. Gaaah. Never going to look at those two in the same way again.
-EDIT (This is the fourth edit, believe it or not): Is Zacharius Smith related to Hepzibah Smith?

The Theory That I Can’t Remember The Name Of
Said theory goes like this: POA mirrors OOTP, COS therefore mirrors HBP, and PS will mirror book seven. (GOF stands on it’s own.) It’s bugging me how HBP was originally the title for COS…there must be a clue in there somewhere.

And HBP does mirror COS in a sense, because both books are where we learn more about Tom Riddle and what he became- and POA and OOTP both feature revelations about the Potters. So- book seven- well…my one thought on what might happen is below somewhere…

The Really Big Spoiler
I don’t think Snape is evil. It just…doesn’t sit right with me. It was someone else Polyjuiced into Snape, or some cunning plan between Snape and Dumbledore we know nothing about, or something to do with the Unbreakable Vow, or something. It just…well, in PS, we’re supposed to think he’s the villain when really he’s not, right? So this might be the same trick. Same trick by the author, I mean.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. ;)

One Other Thing
Dude, we have zombies in Harry Potter now.

And that’s it. Oh, I want book seven now…