Well, ladies and gentlemen, the saga’s over.

2:30 pm, Thursday May 19th- I am sitting in a cinema along with my friend Emma. Between us we have a plastic lightsabre and an outragously expensive bag of crispy M&Ms. The trailers end, the cinema quietens, and A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away appears on screen.

And then, the music starts and the letters scroll up. I have a big stupid grin on my face and I honestly don’t care.

The yellow letters in the stars look spectacularly three-dimensional. I wonder why I’ve never noticed that before.


The opening scene- my god, I loved every second of that. Especially some of the very first lines.

“I’ll go back and help them.”

“No- they’re doing their job, you do yours.”

Oh, I think, so that’s why he fell.


The whole thing with the elevators with brilliant. It reminded me of ANH. And it was just what the film needed, a bit of fun before all hell breaks loose. R2 was great as well- I didn’t know he could do half of that stuff. :)


What else? My god, there’s so much stuff-

The bit that keeps cutting between Padme in the apartment and Anakin in the Council room- oh wow. If that doesn’t make some future Best SW Scenes list…it should. Seriously.

That, after god knows how many years, we finally got a glance at Leia’s adopted mother. :)

Someone in the cinema went ‘awwww’ when that little Jedi kid said ‘there’s too many of them…’ I expect the under-12’s in the cinema (and there were a couple of them) got a bit of a shock after that. ;)

Obi-Wan’s ‘Oh SHIT’ expression when Grevous reveals himself (honestly…no matter how I phrase that sentence, it still sounds downright wrong. :p) Really, other than that, and Yoda taking care of the Red Guards, there was so little humour in this episode. Which is really how it should be.

Probably the bit that really stood out, but probably just for me? When Palpatine says ‘Only one other has cheated death’ or whatever he said…I was like OMGQUIGON. And then he didn’t show up like I figured he would. ;) Well, I suppose he almost did, but hey…I’ll get the DVD. As will we all. :D

Palpatine saying how Darth Plagueis ‘could create life’? Another OHMYGOD from me.


Oh, I want to talk about Obi-Wan for a second.

He doesn’t cry in this one. He comes very close, but he doesn’t cry. He hasn’t cried since TPM. He doesn’t even after both Anakin and Padme are dead (or he thinks they’re dead) You can tell he’s so close to breaking, but he doesn’t. He just doesn’t.

He’s that good.


Oh, and Yoda! My god, if anyone went into this movie hating Yoda (not me, but I know some people do) they will utterly loathe him by the end. That bit about ‘Miss them, you should not.’…if I was Anakin, I’d have thrown him right out of the window.


And just a bit about Anakin-

I didn’t want Anakin to turn. I really didn’t. After Mace dies, and Palpatine is speaking, I was thinking to Anakin, ‘Say NO. For God’s sake, just say NO.’ He didn’t.

And all through the film you get the feeling that he knows he’s in over his head, but has no idea just how much…

I kept thinking about TPM. It was exactly right. Maybe it’s partly to do with the fact that I was twelve when I saw it, and it was a long hot summer…but I kept thinking about it…


Okay, okay, the bits that nearly made me cry-

(I hardly ever cry at movies, and especially not in public. :p)

Obi-Wan’s ‘I will do what I must’. OMG that was perfect, perfect, perfect. I can’t even describe it. It just said so much- Obi-Wan’s loyality to both his Master and to the Council (and they were always at odds…) and sadness and…well, I would have cried then. I really would. I think that might be my favourite bit in the entire movie, actually.

(Heck, maybe Obi-Wan is the most balanced Jedi of them all)

‘I loved you!’

Which says it all really.

The ending. Owen and Beru looking at the sunset- well, it begins with Owen looking at the sunset, really, and I thought that was great. I always liked Owen and Beru. Who knows what Luke might have turned out like, if not for them? And Beru’s face when Obi-Wan hands Luke to her…she was really good. I wish I’d met her at C7 now.


Me and Emma went home and watched the end of Return of the Jedi.

Well, that’s it. It was brilliant. Now that was a Star Wars movie…

…and so were the other five. ;)