Doctor Who: Father’s Day

So, where to begin?

Rose’s dad-
I love Rose’s dad. I also love that Rose finds out her parent’s marriage wasn’t exactly ideal.

The Doctor and Rose-
Y’know what? I think he was going to leave her. He may have said later that he wasn’t, but he put the key in the TARDIS door…if he can leave Adam on Earth, why can’t he leave Rose, who’s done almost the same trick of ‘making the universe serve you’ or whatever he said?

Although maybe he can’t…maybe if he had left her, he’d have come back…he’s lost his entire family, and she’s pretty much his family now. Heck, he’s even treating Jackie the same way you’d treat, say, the cousin who you think is a bit thick…he’s becoming more and more tied to Rose, the Tylers and Earth.

This might not be a bad thing…

The Doctor-
I loved him in this episode. From telling the wedding couple that they were important, to actually dying to get rid of the Reaper (did he know he’d come back, though?)…

It jumps out at you a bit, that scene with the wedding couple, though. One minute the Doctor is calling humans ‘stupid apes’ and the next he’s making a connection with two of them who he’s never met. He seems to like humans fine individually, just not in general. (which seems fair enough, I suppose- heck, it’s not as if a lot of us don’t think the same thing)

‘I’m the oldest thing in the room.’ -that’s going in my sig.

I don’t know what the plan was with the TARDIS, but I sort of liked that- he wanted everyone to remain alive and not suffer, and he couldn’t think of anything but wanted to so much. Of course he could’ve gone to Pete and told him he had to go jump under the car, but could you do that to someone you’d just met, who was the father of your best friend?

The rest-

I can’t believe I didn’t realise that little kid was Mickey…

The Reapers are hands down the best monsters so far. (Daleks don’t count) :p

Bad Wolf: one of my brothers actually spotted it this time- it’s written on a poster at the beginning…