Doctor Who: World War Three

-My favourite moment this time around: the Doctor asking about the poor Siltheened Downing Street bloke. Can’t remember the exact exchange, but I believe it went something like this ‘Who was this man?’ ‘I brought him a cup of coffee once.’ ‘I’m sorry.’

-Mickey redeems himself! w00t. XD Probably my favourite line of the episode: ‘Mickey the idiot…the world is in your hands.’ And the Doctor asked if he wanted to come with them! I wasn’t expecting that…was anyone?

-This one seemed so short. Maybe it was just that time goes fast when you’re watching good TV, but still…

-‘I could save the world but lose you.’…okay, maybe not quite the heartrending angst everyone was hoping for, but still. ;)

-‘Weapons of mass destruction.’ Oh yes. XD I wasn’t at all surprised when that came up.

-For my fellow HP fans: wouldn’t that blonde Siltheen woman make a fantastic Umbridge when they get around to casting OOTP? ;)

-Funniest bit: ‘Oh bol-‘ *BOOM*

Y’know…weirdly enough, that’s all I can find to say about this episode. It was good, it just seemed a bit…lighter than I was expecting. But this is more than made up for by the fact that we’ve practically been told who the Big Bad Wolf is. :D

So, ranking ’em again: EOTW, AOL, WW3, TUD, Rose. (I’ll be impressed if anything gets higher than EOTW, though, to be honest.)