Doctor Who: Aliens Of London


-First thing: the line from the trailer at the end: ‘I could save the world…but lose you.’ GAH. Which pretty much says it all.

-Why did the Doctor keep calling Mickey Ricky, anyway? Probably doesn’t like him because he figures he took Rose for granted, but I won’t be surprised it if turns out to actually be for a reason. (My theory: Mickey took over Clive’s website, but used the name Ricky instead. And the Doctor knows. Er, somehow.)

-‘I don’t go anywhere without her.’ I’m not a shipper. I’m really not. (I have a feeling most of my most favoured ships began with those words.

-‘Is this relationship…sexual?’ ‘NO!’ *snicker*

-The supporting characters were really good in this one…that random Downing Street bloke, the girl at the hospital, Harriet-what’s-her-name…I think RTD’s strength definately lies in characterization.

-I liked the Doctor’s sympathy for the pig. It just makes sense- they share the planet after all. ;) Actually, Christopher Eccleston was really good in this one. There’s also that bit when he suddenly finds himself looking at a bucnh of guns…he grins sheepishly and then starts giving orders. Perfect. :D He was much more in control in this one than he was in Unquiet Dead.

-He shouldn’t have gone off without Rose, though. :p

-Ooh! Almost forgot…anyone else spot Matt Lucas? :D

My predictions for World War Three (the next bit):
-Something happens to Jackie. (Good grief, she’s only been in two episodes and been in peril in both.) Either she dies or…er…she doesn’t. Yesh. (I could go and look to see if she’s listed for any episodes beyond this one, but I’ll resist. For now.)
-Mickey redeems himself somewhat. (C’mon, you can’t be a cowardly klutz all the time. XD)
-Fandom explodes on seeing the trailer for Dalek. So does half the British population.

Ranking so far, from best to still good: End of the World, Aliens of London, The Unquiet Dead, Rose. (To be updated, obviously) ;)

Oh, and just before I go…someone at the BBC is having an insane amount of fun with this. ;)