Thoughts on ‘The Unquiet Dead’

-I will freely admit I nearly had a heart attack at ‘The things you’ve seen…the bad wolf!‘ But only because I’d been reading a thread about it at Outpost Gallifrey, about the graffiti and the other (clearly rather missable, at least to me ;) ) times that phrase has shown up, and I didn’t expect it to actually be said like that in only the third episode! :0

There’s a (surprisingly popular) theory going around that the Bad Wolf is the Doctor, and that that means he’s not really the Doctor at all. Which makes no sense to me, because can you really imagine the series ending with ‘Actually, he’s not the Doctor after all…(and don’t forget to join us for series 2)!’ I for one would feel incredibly cheated (mostly because heck, I love Chris’s Doctor) I think the Bad Wolf is what started the war, although that wouldn’t explain why Rose has seen it. Maybe it’s on Earth, whatever it is, and she saw it before she met the Doctor.

-I take it the shippers among us noticed all the instances of the Doctor protecting Rose? The one which springs to mind is when they’re backing away from the zombies, he has his arm in front of her…

-And then of course there’s ‘I’m so glad I met you.’ (and the handholding, which must happen at least once an episode ;) )

-I also think it’s written into Chris’s contract ‘Must say ‘Fantastic’ at least once an episode ;)’

-Not sure I like the idea of Rose bunking off school, but that’s mostly because around here it seems to be mostly the bad kids who do that. ;)

-The conversation between Rose and Gwyneth was interesting (Would a Victorian maid know that ‘bum’ meant ‘bottom’, though?). And it worked well showing how talking about the opposite sex had changed over all the years…I think Rose and Gwyneth maybe became friends too fast (after just one conversation) but maybe Gwyneth was right when she said Rose thought she was stupid. I think Rose has a protective side to her, she was treating Gwyneth like a younger sister or something (although I wish there’d been more talk about her at the end, in the Tardis or something)

-So was exactly was the Doctor going to do with the Gelth? He said that they could ‘recycle’ the dead bodies, and Rose objected, and then Gwyneth said she’d help, and then the Doctor said that whatever he was going to do with the Gelth was only a temporary solution…I’m confused. Help. :p

-I jumped when the red devil thing suddenly appeared. And I know you did too. ;)

On the whole, I didn’t like it as much as End of the World…I think I liked it about the same as Rose. (And next week, bits of London start getting blown up. Nifty ;) )