Three-fandom icon post

-Don’t hotlink
-You may nominate them anywhere. :)
-Brushes by julia_thorne13, everything ele by me
-See Starlit Blue for more icons- take anything from there, but the same rules apply. :)

This icon post also doubles as a promotion post for sm_movieverse (for discussion of the Spider-Man movieverse) and sw_awards, which only needs four more members for noms to start. Come on!!

(EDIT: And now it only needs one more member. Anyone want to be number forty?)


Star Wars

1. yodalj 2. yodabase 3. darklordlj 4. alonelj 5. hearmelj 6. lightsidelj 7. finderlj 8. pridelj 9. aaylalj


10. harrygunlj 11. normanlj 12. wantedlj 13. wantedbase 14. mindlj 15. unwantedlj

Lord of the Rings

16. futurekinglj 17. boromirlj 18. thenlj 19. mustlj 20. powerlesslj 21.fellowshiplj