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I am *so* a Doctor Who fan now.

I decided I couldn’t leave it like that- so if you haven’t seen it yet, click back, quickly! (I wish that somehow I could get it onto the computer and upload it to somewhere, but I think I’m missing the technology. :( )

What I liked- spoilers!

I liked the first episode, I really did, but this blew it out of the water. My favourite things-

-The end of the world set to Toxic by Britney Spears. I hate to say it, but that. was. so. funny.

-As was ‘bitchy trampoline’ XD

And now on to the emotional stuff :'( …

-Rose talking to her mother on the time-transending phone, and of course she has no idea her daughter is about to watch the planet blow up…

-The one moment where Rose seems to be regretting her decision ‘…with this man…who I don’t even know…’

-The Doctor closing his eyes and stepping through the last rotating fan…in slow-mo. XD

-The chemistry between Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. They’re great. Especially that conversation with them both on different sides of the stairs- Rose and the Doctor have a connection, but they’re still quite a long way apart…

-The Doctor coming back into the room after Jabe has died, talking to the other trees, bringing back Cassandra and letting her die even though Rose is horrified.

-The ending- back on Earth, going to get chips. It was just perfect. It was like…the world ended, but here, life goes on.

-It is going to be really hard to see Chris’s Doctor regenerate… :(

Sorry, guys- but as long as I have this, maybe I don’t need Lost after all. ;)