An obscene amount of Spider-Man icons

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-Most of the textures by me, but see my resources page for where I got everything else from. (Tre-Xture, 1Greeneye and claudia6913 had particularly cool stuff) :)
-These were all made from my DVD screencaps (even the comic book ones), apart from most of the actor icons, and number 32, which was scanned by Moony Girl from the Peter/Harry fanlisting.

Anyhoo…this 44-icon set features, among other things…Peter, MJ, Peter/MJ, Peter/Betty, Peter/Gwen, Peter/Harry, Ock, Norman, May, Ursula, and quite a few of Harry.

1. peterursulalj 2. mydreamslj 3. leftyoulj 4. desperationlj 5. octopuslj 6. throughuslj 7. thankyoulj 8. electricitylj 9. nohopeleftlj 10. dontunderstandlj 11. tothislj 12. ohmygodlj 13. everythingoklj 14. somethingtherelj 15. theysaylj 16. harrychoiceslj 17. nochoicelj 18. harrynormanlj 19. noescapelj 20. stillherelj 21. listentomelj 22. chocolatecakelj 23. mirrormirrorlj 24.

25. mjpeterlj 26. glamourlj 27. angstangstlj 28. doomedromancelj 29. spideylj 30. addictlj 31. gwenlj 32. harrysredemptionlj

33. smirklj 34. smirkbase 35. kd1lj 36. kd2lj 37. kd3lj 38. kd4lj 39. mt1lj 40. mt2lj 41. mt3lj 42. tm1lj 43. tm2lj 44. wd1lj

1-My Peter/Ursula fanlisting just opened, if anyone’s interested…
3-Lyrics from a Green Day song…er…Nobody Likes You, I believe.
8-Someone requested this. Hope they like it. :)
13-It says ‘I love you cos I have to make everything ok’ which is from I Love You Cos I Have To by Dogs Die In Hot Cars
15-Oh come on, you all know that song
18-Manip by me. Said manip also ended up on a wallpaper.