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It’s been snowing for three days here, and we still haven’t got a day off school. *pout*

Complete Film Studies essay (well, mostly)
-Start working on storyboard
Upload chapter 13 of A Long Time Ago, along with JC icons and new graphics stuff
Organize all the bloody schoolwork loose in backpack
-Study Maths study maths study maths (huzzah! I can multiply out of brackets!)
Make a new layout for this journal (y’know, I’ve changed my mind…I can’t do it, I’m hopeless. :p)
-Plan ROTS viewing. I want to go on the 19th, but I want to take my friends to see it the weekend after that…
-And while you’re at it, and since it’s closer than ROTS…plan for CollectorMania. Is anyone reading this actually going? Now I come to think of it, I’m sure some people are…

BTW…anyone I talk to on MSN? I have a feeling I don’t have MSN anymore…it’s saying I have to download the new version. I’ll try that later, but I have a feeling I won’t have enough space…