Ultra-spoiler filled post. Now take me to May 2005.

Dear George Lucas,


WOW Darth Sidious fighting and Mace fighting and Obi-Wan and Anakin fighting and Yoda almost fighting and things blowing up and Padme with Leia’s hairdo and kissing and fighting and spaceships and DARTH VADER OMG.

…wait, I said discussion, didn’t I?


Darth Sidious looks GREAT. I wouldn’t be suprised if, after this movie, he’s elevated to the status of Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Movie Villain Of All Time. The few bits of the duel look interesting – there was something that looked like Anakin trying to cut Obi-Wan’s head off with his own lightsabre. Ooh, and there was one shot of Obi-Wan screaming/gasping like he’d just been stabbed. It looked oddly like a mirror of Qui-Gon’s death scene, and will probably generate much discussion.

There wasn’t very much of Padme – there was her and Anakin kissing, her and Anakin hugging, and her turning to Obi-Wan with a horrified expression on her face. No prizes for guessing what he just told her…

Anakin with yellow-red eyes I’m not sure about. I suppose because Maul had yellow eyes? I dunno how that would work, or what point in the movie it’s at. Anyway…it looks good. Then again, Anakin with bright pink eyes would probably look good.

Wookies! You can see Chewie in one of the shots. I was watching it with my brothers and we all went ‘Chewie!’ at once. Heh.

I *think* that shot of something burning might have actually been the Jedi Temple. I’m fairly sure someone said that it would survive, though, so maybe it’s just one bit of it. Hard to tell.

And ‘RISE’? Well…I felt a disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of fanpeople spontaniously combusted…

And can you expect more icons like the one I’ve just used? Hell yes. And very soon.

:D :D :D :D :D