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Attempted to get a job today, but haven’t got one yet. I really want a job. It’s not even for the money, although that’s a nice bonus. I just want to feel like I’m not a waste of space.

I’ll probably end up working in Tescos. That wouldn’t really be too bad. It’s near my house, so that’s one thing.

Alas, poor Sugarquill. The annoying thing is, I can guess why they’ve done this, and it’s a pain…they took down the entire forums for just one arguement? What about all those people with questions in threads on the off-topic board…computer questions and whatnot? I know it won’t be much more than just an inconvinence to most people, but…arrgh. Other people are SugarQuill too, y’know.

…yes, that was more of a rant. Moving on…

-I have come dangerously close to abandoning the Green Stone Trilogy altogether. And I don’t want to. I want to finish Making, at least. I feel guilty about leaving it for so long.

-I want to make Spyro the Dragon icons. I don’t know why. And Jak II icons, because it is the prettiest game ever invented.

-This interesting idea for a Harry Potter fanfic popped into my head the other day. It’d probably be an all-OC fanfic, but…well, ideas for it are coming into my head even as I write this.

-This may just be my paranoia talking, but has anyone heard from layren recently?