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Today in Amnesty International (which calls itself that but hardly ever does anything Amnesty International related) I led a debate about same-sex marriage. As it turned out, we ‘borrowed’ a guy from Christian Union, which was in the room next door to us, and got the Christian guy to debate with us. It was very interesting. Probably the most interesting lunchtime I’ve had in a while. Christian guy was nice, although I really didn’t agree with anything he said. We were supposed to be discussing homosexuality, but it sort of slipped into whether the Bible was out-of-date or not, and stuff along those lines. My friend said to me later that she thought we were a bit rude to him, but I’m not sure.

I didn’t know we actually still had a Christian Union until today. They have more people than us…way more people, we’re down to about seven. It’d be good to get more people involved with AI, although I have a feeling we’d eventually have to rename ourselves. Maybe we could have a debate with the Christian Union guys, since we disagree on everything. ;) Seriously. The only debates I’ve taken part in have been on the Internet. My school’s good with sports clubs, but not so good with all the other clubs.

And that brief peek into my RL is now over, and we return you to your regularly scheduled journal. :)