Random HP stuff

I’m just thinking out loud…well, alright, I’m not, I’m thinking out keyboard. Or something.

How come it was only after OOTP that the Prank started being held up as the ultimate example of bad behaviour in fandom? I mean, we’d known about it for years…but it’s like we never really realised how bad it was till after we saw Sirius and James bullying Snape. (Well, maybe some people did…) It just seems like it gets mentioned all the time now.

I still reckon we don’t now everything about it, though. I still think Regulus was involved somehow. (I also really want Seer!Sirius-who-knew-Snape-would-be-a-DE, just so I can wave around my poor underappreciated one-shot and say ‘Mwahaha! You should’ve given me reviews!)

Yeah…anyway. How long till HBP, anyone?