More thoughts on Spiderman2

Yes, I know I did this exact same thing for Prisoner Of Azkaban. Well, tough!

-When Peter drops his glasses and clenchs his fist and goes into Heroic Mode, there’s a sign next to him that says ONE WAY on it. I imagine that was on purpose. :)

-Chocolate cake girl is called Ursula. Got that from the novelisation. *nods*

-Peter at the party…all in one night his boss yells at him (nothing new, I know), his best friend slaps him, and the girl he loves gets engaged to someone else. And he can’t get food or a drink. Poor guy.

-That hospital (you know the one I mean) is one seriously ugly hospital.

-John’s face after MJ leaves him…doesn’t he become a bad guy in the comics? (How many movies are they gonna make, anyway? They may not be planning to use like every villain, but they’ve set a lot of them up)

-I’m not really sure what I think about Mary Jane…I don’t dislike her or anything, but the look on her face at the very end…I just hope she doesn’t want to divorce Peter in the next movie, or something, because he’s in love with her and has a important job to do, and she’s given him the oppotunity to have both things, it would be incredibly unfair if she took it away again. Personally, I hope in the next movie she helps Peter take down the bad guy…she nearly did this time, after all.

-Harry was wearing a green bow tie at the wedding. That’s rather interesting.

-I like that they developed May’s character more, although I’m worried she’s going to die in the next movie

-Otto/Rosie is still my OTP. I wish they’d mentioned her at the end, though, like with Peter pointing out that the fusion-reactor thingy had killed her, so if he really loved her he shouldn’t have tried to build it again…or something. Meh.