Things I Love About The HP Fandom

1. There are always, always, always people to talk to.
2. A good percentage of them are excellent writers and artists.
3. Therefore, if you’re bored, there will always be something to read or look at.
4. No matter what you ‘ship, there will always be at least one other person who thinks it’s a good idea.
5. We band together, probably more often then we would like
6. Nifty fandom newsletters like daily_snitch and quickquote…no other fandom I’m in has that
7. No matter what sort of LJ icon you want, someone will have made it.
8. There will always be someone else who likes your favourite character, even if said character is supposed to be a bad guy
9. We have a sense of humour. Seriously. Most of the time.
10. There’s always people on hand to help you with your writing
11. So many fanfiction archives…sooo much fanfiction…
12. All the fandom in-jokes
13. The debate about Blaise’s gender that lasted for…er…a long while
14. Sorting yourself into houses
15. No matter what theory you have, there’ll be people around to discuss it with

Okay, only fifteen for now, but maybe I’ll think of some more later…(BTW, comment and add your own if you want.) :)