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You know how after OOTP, there were all those Marauders Map-style icons…’Mr Prongs would like to welcome Mr Padfoot home’ and others like that? Well, I decided to jump on the bandwagon…and got carried away a bit. Bear in mind that I didn’t start the whole idea, okay? :)

And the bases…

(Quick rules-comment and credit in keywords, don’t hotlink, you don’t have to ask if you nominate them for anything, you can use them on other journals, and I think that’s it. ;) )

And a brief ramble (although I dunno if you care ;) ). When I went to pick my brother up from school (and apologize for opening his Lego magazine ;) ) there was a pipe burst in the street and water everywhere. Now the taps aren’t working, and I’m thirsty. Very thirsty. Oh how I love my town. :p