OOTP rambles

I am going to see POA on Monday.

I was bored out of my mind. I was surfing LiveJournal and going to all the Harry Potter coms. I was reading essays on the wizarding world and who’s wrong and who’s right…

…and it just sort of hit me…HP isn’t a kid’s fantasy world anymore. It isn’t the movie music and the Lego sets, and it isn’t the posters on my wall. It has human beings in it. And with OOTP, that point was really driven home. Hermione’s a good friend and intelligent, but she isn’t nice to Luna and what she did to Marietta could be a whole essay. Sirius is Harry’s godfather and one of the few people who’re always honest with him, but he’s got several hundred truckloads of issues. Dumbledore was always the Wise Mentor person, but he’s been lying to Harry, and locked Sirius up in Grimmauld Place and thought he wouldn’t care. And now it seems everyone’s rethinking their opinions of characters. Remus Lupin is a nice guy, and one of JKR’s favourites…but he didn’t tell Dumbledore about Sirius being an Animagi, did he? Because he was too afraid. So is he a coward now? And come to think of it, Dumbledore taking away the Slytherin’s victory in PS wasn’t very nice at all…it’s been there all along, we just never saw it! And Hagrid always liked dangerous creatures, so we should’ve guessed it’d lead to something bad…and so on.

So that’s it really. The characters are human now, and we’re going to love them and we’re going to hate them and hopefully they’ll come through in the end. I think it’s likely that OOTP will prove to be the darkest book in the series, and in book six (I wish we had a title…) things will start to look up. Well, I hope so. I really hope so.

But it’s incredibly depressing to learn no-one’s all hero.