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Messed around with this until I found one I liked…

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What’s Your OTP?
St. Dymphna’s – A Harry Potter RPG

Now, what could we call this ship…the Other L/L? (the other being Luke and Leia from SW, obviously pre-ROTJ)

Hmm, and I just did it again…

is enchanted by

What’s Your OTP?
St. Dymphna’s – A Harry Potter RPG

Mwah. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this all night. Or not, if I do something else instead. Like make my own HP meme.

Okay, this is a HP character meme. The idea is to describe your feelings about each character…in less than ten words. ;) Any takers? Come on, I want to see what everyone else thinks…

Harry: Cool but oh so angsty
Ron: Weasley is our king!
Hermione: Still like her, but she’s getting quite arrogant
Draco: Dislike. Reminds me of someone at my school.
Hagrid: Is quite cool
Dumbledore: Still like, even after OOTP
Ginny: Like, can’t help thinking H/G is definately coming
Luna: Adore. Ought to work on my fic about her.
Sirius: See icon. And half this journal, probably. *sobs*
Remus Like him a lot, also
Peter: Could never hate him. Is human I guess.
James: Grew up, same as his friends
Lily: Like a lot, wish we knew more about her
Snape: Is a jerk, but I don’t really dislike him
McGongall: Loved her vs Umbridge
Umbridge: Don’t like her, but she fascinates me
Cho: Never could understand why so many people hated her
Marietta: Like her. Don’t know why, never will
Fred and George: Make me laugh, wish they treated Percy better
Percy: Will come round. Hopefully.
Charlie and Bill: Are both dead cool
Molly: Is a good mother but overprotective
Arthur: How can you not love him?
Lucius: Loved him in COS movie, that’s about it
Fudge: Am neutral
Pavati and Lavender: Like them
Dean and Seamus: Like them also
Cedric: Did not deserve to die at all
Krum: Was a nice guy
Fleur: Is an interesting character
Dursleys: Interest me
Bellatrix: Has a cool name. Must die for killing Sirius.
Voldemort: Is the bad guy. Is quite interesting.

That was actually way more fun than I thought. :D BTW, if I’ve left anyone out, you can add ’em if you take it. :)

And by the way…my last day of complusory education is over. Exams, then Leaver’s Day, then…it’s over. Unless I get into sixth form. Hopefully I will, but…

…but not if I waste my time making memes. *sweatdrops*