Even more siriusly

Actually, you know, he didn’t die in the one I wrote, he just got Kissed by a Dementor. So I suppose I can be grateful that didn’t happen. :)

Anyway, while I was looking in my copy of OOTP for the quote on the icon below, I ran across The Scene itself…and I suddenly realised…Lupin never says Sirius is dead. He says ‘He’s d-‘ and then gets cut off. So what was he going to say? Doomed? Drowned? Dancing? Dementored?

(I actually wonder if the Veil doesn’t have something to do with Dementors. Maybe we’ll see Dementor!Sirius at some point. Though god, that’d be awful…:(

I want book six. I want it now. Though I expect JKR will be mean and leave the final part of Sirius’s own story for book seven. Bah.

Okay, you KNOW this rant. I won’t bore you repeating what’s been said. But if the Shrieking Shack scene turns out the way everyone fears, THEN I will rant. I’m just crossing my fingers it goes something like this:

Hermione: If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to get past us!
Ron: Yeah *struggles to his feet* You’ll have to kill us three of us!

*crosses fingers even harder*

If it doesn’t turn out like that or better, I will lock Steve Kloves in a room with all the books and he will have no choice but to READ them. Bwah.