On SW and communities

I keep wanting to open a Star Wars community. So far I’ve had two ideas:

1) SW icon awards…simple enough, just like LOTR icon awards but with SW. I reckon it’ll be cool. (says the icon making addict)

2) A sort of…everything-in-one. It’d have LJ Icon of the Day/Week, links to threads on TFN/wherever, links to other journals, and every post there would be a different essay subject.
Like…oh, I dunno, something like this:

Lj icon of the week:
Plot bunny of the week
Threads of the week:
Site of the week:
and today’s subject:

I just think it would be fun…and other people could post stuff too, like rants or thoughts or pictures or…whatever.

Only trouble is, nothing I start ever gets finished. I once had an oekaki board. It screwed up the images and then deleted itself. I once had a message board. It’s so overun with ads that you honestly can’t use it anymore, it will crash your computer. (I HATE you aimoo. May the Lord God hate you and all your kind, may you be turned orange in hue, may your head fall off at an awkward moment…sorry, been watching Blackadder) I had several guestbooks; no-one signs them. I have a LiveJournal; very few people comment. (ta to those who do ;) )

…god I’m in a bitter mood today. *sweatdrop*

If you’re out there, please tell me…would you post on any communties I made? ;)